New Collaboration alert! Shinebox productions presents 'Niente Carne Si Prega'


We are pleased to announce Shinebox productions as one of our new collaborative partners!

Shinebox is taking inspiration from Goodfellas and traditional Italian cuisine to present you with a pasta series 'Niente Carne Si Prega' which translates to 'No meat please.' This series focuses on hand made pasta, of the vegetarian variety (with vegan options) using traditional techniques and local ingredients. 

The first event of Niente Carne Si Prega will be at Grapes and Soda July 15!  

The menu will be $40:

Marinated Vegetables + Arancini

Ricotta + Pea Agnolotti

Orecchiette + Vegetable Ragout

Polenta + Eggplant + Beans

Lemon Curd + Fruits and Herbs


We will be doing 1 seating at 6:30 for 25 people so get your ticket quick!


heather dosman