The Heartwarmer

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The first event of the existential supper Club!

In the theme of  'Addressing Mental Health' our intention of the supper club is to support our community, promote organic/seasonal/local farming & create a safe space for sharing food and our perspectives. By opening up the conversation about struggles with mental health we hope to encourage people to break through stigmas attached and be aware of methods of helping ourselves and each other. Self-care comes in many forms because we are all so different and react and need different things. We would like to celebrate and share different methods of self-care through collaborations between different people and forms of therapy. 

This is so important to me because as a chef I work in an industry that can be mentally and physically very taxing (if not destructive). Restaurant culture can be incredibly supportive of oppressive situations such as toxic masculinity, sexism, racism, homophobia and addiction (just to name a few.) By creating opportunities for positive workplace environments and encouraging others to do the same, we hope to create a safer environment and industry for all people.





6PM OR 830PM

Join Chef Heather Dosman (Existential Eating), Food Educator Camille Flanjak (MuseumEats) and their hilarious guests for a heart-warming night of laughter, existential eating and ethical hedonsim. We are addressing mental health through a menu using ingredients that are supportive of depression and anxiety (with ingredient consulting from Holistic Nutritionist Melody Sherwood), Fundraising for Forest and the Femme (a non profit that takes women from the DTES to the forest for healing), wildcrafting drinks and foraged ingredients (MuseumEats) all with some small comedic performances.

Set in the cozy and intimate atmosphere of award-winning cocktail bar, Grapes & Soda, this dinner will feature multiple courses and snacks crafted from playful, healing, and delightful local foods. Compassion-forward ingredients will be sourced or wildcrafted locally. Likewise for the drinks - there will be local craft beers and wild cocktails like Reishi Root Beer and Devil’s Club Kombucha. 

Tickets for comedy, dinner and a glass of bubbles are $65 including tax and gratuity with a portion of the profits going toward organizations promoting positive environments for mental health.
This special night is not to be missed!



Check out these awesome collaborators projects at :

Camille Flanjak / Museum Eats 

originally co-founded the project as a popup event and catering business. Because of demand from MuseumEats' diners and participants, the 'official' Workshop program began in 2013. Since then, the main focus of MuseumEats has been to train folks to think critically about their food in order to fully enjoy and understand the privilege of eating it.
A CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults) with a penchant for rebellion, Cam enriches her understandings of food systems, sustainability, and socially balanced facilitation through the study of permaculture, wildcrafting, and wine.
Her certifications include Permaculture Design (Gaiacraft), Wildcrafting Basics (Wildcraft Forest, Lumby, BC) , Clown, levels 1, 2 & 3 (Fantastic Space Enterprises), WSET Level 2 & 3 / FoodSafe / ServingItRight, Emergency First Aid , BA, Critical Theory and Critical Studies in Sexuality (UBC). (Instagram here!)


Heather Dosman / Existential Eating

Created Existential Eating as a supportive resource and community collaboration project with the intention of supporting each other/ ourselves through community, food and art. By supporting different journeys of finding self and meaning through free will, choice and personal responsibility, we hope to create opportunities that help create a supportive/ positive environment (& future) for everybody involved. Throughout her time as a chef Heather has worked at many award winning restaurants, been a cooking school instructor, volunteered for many food oriented programs & events, coordinated various successful supper clubs & pop up events and taken various courses to enhance her food knowledge (including cheesemaking and beekeeping!) Her current work is plant based to encourage people to eat more and a variety of vegetables, to help change what is considered to be the Standard American Diet for health and well being. 


Melody Sherwood 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, She is dedicated to helping her clients explore the impact of food on health.  She strongly believes in healing through dietary choices, both individually and through an awareness of the environmental impact of the food we choose to eat.  Nutritional needs are unique, therefore she don't prescribe any particular diets, but intuitively looks at each clients digestion, allergies, and other health issues before making dietary suggestions.


Jessica Parker

Jessica studies counselling psychology at SFU and enjoys making comedy videos, sketches, and internet content in her spare time. She has taken improv comedy classes at Blind Tiger, and is now exploring the world of stand up comedy. She is passionate about the intersection between comedy and mental health, specifically the ways in which comedy can engender a raw vulnerability and a healing sense of world-building by providing a unique set of tools to share and enjoy darkness. She is also involved with various cover bands (including a Weird Al Yankovich!) that are involved in really great community spaces like Red Gate, Black Lab and The Toast Collective! ( watch her youtube spoof, or check out her Instagram)


Katie Nordgren 

Katie is  is a comedian and podcaster (Sea Hags) committed to the Weird Aunt lifestyle. In between doing comedy and running the monthly Comedy at Big Rock show, she finds time to be an insufferable feminist.

(check out her seasonally affected set)