Collaborators needed!

Existential eating is meant to be an open, collaborative and safe space in which people can express themselves through writing, art, food and community.  We would like to bring awareness to certain circumstances we face as humans today, creating a community of support and understanding. This community is intended to give people opportunity to create change in the world around them, make a living wage and follow their passions.

First off we would like to offer an invitation for you to crack out your art/design skills and show us what 'existential eating' means to you, the most interesting part of individuality is difference in perspective. Also there will be prizes. Everybody loves prizes.

We are also looking for contributions to the blog based on the current theme, it could be art, doodles, poetry, a story, a song, a recipe, an experience, a link or whatever you want. If you would like to be involved with Existential eating on this or other projects please email

We are kicking off by February and our first theme will be addressing Mental health (particularly anxiety and depression)

Winter can be a very challenging time for a lot of people. There are lots of factors contributing to mental health challenges this time of year including:  opportunity for exercise, outdoor activity, or just mobility in general, Seasonal Affective Disorder, less access to healthy produce/food and all the individual reasons behind challenges with our mental health and wellbeing - which contributes to this being a particularly hard time of year.

Fortunately there are different ways in which you can bring people together to help support each other when we are dealing with these challenges. Whether it comes in the form of a book club, collaborative art project, dinner get together, changing the way you eat or anything your heart (or brain, whatevs) can think of - we have the opportunity to create safe spaces for people to be able to express (or not) how their mental health is affecting their lives, or be involved in something where they don't feel judged or shamed for being too anxious to participate. There are amazing resources to help when you need to take your condition seriously including: Self-Help groups ( ), online testing to see where you are at ( ), general practitioners, counsillors & psychologists, and the Canadian Mental Health Association locations for consultation. With understanding we can help change the stigma behind mental health and create more positive outcomes for everybody.  

If you would like to be involved with Existential eating on this or other projects please email We are open to collaboration in many formats including art, writing, links, events, zines, supper clubs and more!