Chanterelle surprise, squash gnocchi, umami tempeh & grilled cheese this week at Juicebar!


Chanterelle surprise!

Existential Eating is back Wednesday with the veggie snackbar of mystery! come see what the surprises will be!


Gnocchi !!

Shinebox Pasta’s gnocchi is unreal, come try it! Or maybe a crispy arancini and pecorino is more your style. Either way Pasta night is Thursday!


Shojin style snacks!

Tomoko Tahara is back with her Japanese shogun inspired vegan snacks! Friday night is the night so come by for Umami tempeh, yaki nasu eggplant and more!


Fontina Grilled Cheese!

Shinebox is taking a night off of pasta to make you a snacker featuring Fontina grilled cheese and more! Saturday Night!

heather dosman