Mark Singson! Ernesto Gomez! Jimmy Stewart! Existential Eating!


Roti & Curry

Existential Eating is back Wednesday with curried roti, lemongrass clams and more! Come warm up with some wine!

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Thursday Mark Singson will be joining us at the bar! Mark recently placed runner up on Top Chef Canada Season 6 where he was referred to as a 'magician' in the kitchen, as well as a 'mad scientist'
for taking familiar dishes, breaking them apart, and reintroducing them as
something visually different but each bite hits all of the nostalgic notes.

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Ernesto Gomez works with food, disrespects the conventional, integrates the cultural landscape, and reconciles the old and the new. He is currently working to re-establish the oldest variety of cacao in the jungles of Chiapas, growing native corn and beans in the Mixtec and Zapotec regions of Oaxaca, and making artisanal Mezcal in Miahuatlan. In Vancouver, he runs Fayuca and Chancho Tortilleria, and has been a driving force behind Nuba for many years.

The menu is a fun reconciliation of old and new Mexican techniques. Ernesto will be using the oldest domesticated variety of cacao on the planet called Real Xoconusco from La Casa Tropical. And he will be nixtamalizing a variety of native grains and corn grown in four different first nations communities in Oaxaca. The cacao, corn, and beans are grown by beautiful families with a face and a name. The dishes are an homage to them.

Accompanying Ernesto will be a bottle of the artisanal Mezcal brand he helps make with Don Beto in Oaxaca called Papadiablo and special edition bottle of Arroqueno, a magical variety of wild agave that takes 25 years to mature. It's stone-cone fire-pit cooked, crushed by hand, naturally fermented, and distilled in copper.

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Jimmy Stewart!

Jimmy’s back Saturday for his last Juicebar of 2018! Come try all of his delicious treats! Pad Thai Carpaccio, Winter citrus and Endive, Fried Kale & tandoori, Brocomole & rice crisps and something porky! Sounds too good to be true!

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