Getting natural and biodynamic with Juicebar

juice bar.jpg

 In the wild world of wine we are super pleased to announce (officially) our collaboration with Juicebar! 

Juicebar is an amazing project founded by the lovely Sion Iorworth, meant to bring the diverse world of natural wine to Vancouver in a fun and accessible way. By offering natural and biodynamic wines by the glass, Juicebar hopes to make these wines accessible to the general public in a way they normally wouldn't be. By supporting producers using traditional methods they encourage the production of wine without the use of chemical treatment of farmland and synthetic products/flavors in wine, which just makes the wines naturally (heh) better. With a casual ambiance Juicebar creates a fun 'house party' vibe with different wine and food every time.

Existential eating has already been collaborating with Juicebar for a few months, creating a collaborative kitchen with a bunch of different guest chefs and themes. This collaboration is meant to create community in Vancouver's food scene and an outlet for different chef's projects. By approaching food this way we hope to keep the menu always interesting, affordable and fun!

Stay tuned for upcoming projects with Juicebar later this summer!

heather dosman