Cha Kaiseki inspired collaboration dinner with Tomoko Tahara and Existential Eating


Existential Eating is collaborating with Tomoko Tahara  for a special Cha kaiseki inspired dinner at Grapes & Soda February 24! There will be a pescatarian and vegan option for this dinner and a very limited number of seats so reserve your tickets ASAP! Get your tickets here

The meaning of the word kaiseki is banquet so we are designing an elegant evening to celebrate of the beautiful food that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. It is traditionally very important to prepare the food thoughtfully, respecting and bringing out the flavours of each ingredient to bring them together without overpowering anything.

Taking inspiration from the traditional Cha Kaiseki ceremony we will be serving a 6 course meal ending with traditional Japanese matcha. The goal of the meal is to prepare your stomach for the tea (which will not sit well on an empty or full stomach) so you can enjoy the ceremony and Omotenashi (thoughtful service & the best treats for the guests.) We will be serving sake and beer as well throughout the dinner.

Tomoko Tahara ( aka #cookhatter … she also is a hat maker!) has been cooking since 1998 when she was in Japan (if her memory serves her right.) She moved to Vancouver in 2004 and has worked with many wonderful Vancouver restaurants like the Pourhouse, The Acorn and Cacao (to name a few.) Tomoko has been doing a series of Japanese Shojin (monk food) inspired dinners/events paying respects to seasonal food while putting a Pacific Northwest spin on things. 

Check out the menu here:

rice roasted celeriac soup, chestnut rice, tsuekemono

stuffed water chestnut, braised winter greens

stewed burdock, turnip, carrot 

roasted mackerel, smoked 3 yr miso (Tempea Tempeh, smoked 3 yr miso)

medai crudo, yuzu (oyster mushroom crudo, yuzu)

matcha & mocha

heather dosmanGrapes & soda