"A Tavola Non Si Invecchia!” (at the table you don't get old)

You are invited to an unforgettable evening of art, games, Italian food & conversations about death if you can believe it  

The evening is a art fundraiser using the "Death Conversation Game" fashioned by local artist Angela Fama as a conversation facilitation tool. Angela created the Death Conversation Game project to help us help ourselves break out of the normative structures that surround narratives on death. Personal death is a topic that’s often avoided in social settings. If you would like to change that, this game's for you! The object of the game is to instigate open conversations on death in a safe, respectful environment with chosen friends, family, classmates, colleagues and/or strangers - which you will do over dinner at this supper club! 

Don't be afraid, step out of your normal comfort zone and join us for a chat. The depth and breadth of the conversation will depend on you. Whether it's death related theology, ideology, metaphysics, bookish details, relationship considerations, bereavement, and/or a number of other subjects…


Aaaand, let’s be cozy while we are doing this. So... bring on the comfort food! Chef Heather Dosman (Existential Eating Co.) will create an Italian dinner for us.

Menu teasers: Fennel & orange marinated olives. Zucchini, kale & pecorino salad. Handmade rosemary & garlic focaccia. Wild Porcini risotto. Sbrisolana (Italian almond polenta cake, cream, seasonal fruit).

Proceeds from the event will go to a printing run of the Death Card Game to encourage more people to take part in this very important human discussion.