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Vegetarian Spanish Tapas cooking class at Cook Culture (howe location)


Learn how to make all the classic Spanish Tapas in a plant-based format! Impress all your friends by learning this menu!

Patatas bravas 

  • crispy fried potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, cashew aioli

  • Oyster mushroom escabeche

    • sweet and sour preserved mushrooms

  • Calcots

    • grilled leeks and smokey romesco

  • Zanahorias alizanas

    • herbaceous marinated carrots

  • Sherry flambé Mushroom toast

    • mushrooms in a sherry butter sauce, served with crusty bread

  • Croquetas! White bean and spinach

    • crispy and satisfying cannellini bean croquetas

  • Lentil mushroom albondigas

    • the veggie take on the classic meatball tapas, served with a tomato sauce

  • Fruit Gazpacho

    • a super refreshing version of the classic cold tomato vegetable soup